Road Bike America’s Most Popular Climbing Ride!

Discover Tucson’s Ultimate Cycling Paradise: Bike Mount Lemmon!

Starting in the Tucson desert just under 3,000 feet, you will climb just over 30 miles to the top at an average of 4.2 percent. You will finish being able to boast of climbing over 7,000 feet. Saguaro Cacti at the base, extraordinary hoodoo formations in the middle, pine trees and possible snow at the top, road biking Mount Lemmon is Arizona’s most exhilarating cycling experience.

Road Biking Mount Lemmon – The Ultimate Tucson Cycling Experience!

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Featured Mount Lemmon and Tucson Web Cams

Before you go road or mountain biking Mount Lemmon, take a look at Lemmon and Summerhaven weather conditions with our collection of Sabino Canyon, Tucson and Mount Lemmon web cams! Get to know Lemmon and Summerhaven weather before you make the epic Tucson cycling climb.

Road Biking Mount Lemmon Climbing Card: “At a Glance”

29.5 miles from Le Buzz to The General Store
30.6 miles from Le Buzz to Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley
Elevation :
2760 Start
9170 Finish
7159 Gained
Ideal Road Bike: 10 speed or better with 28T cassette (anything more is overkill)

Most popular climbing in ride in the USA
Number 1 USA road biking climb ride by the pros!
Top 10 in the world
NO water stops on the way up.
Generally a three water bottle ride (depending on weather)
Radical temp changes: You can lose 40 degrees from start to top!

Road Biking Mount Lemmon – The Ultimate Tucson Cycling Experience!

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