Tucson/Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Trails Guide - Trek Specialized Road/Mountain/Gravel Bicycle Rentals
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Looking for great scenery and a challenge? Then head out to Oro Valley and mountain bike Honeybee Canyon and Golder Ranch. Go tackle Starr Pass Trail on our southwest side and take on a challenging ride on the same trails that Hollywood old westerns were filmed. Need a tremendous mountain bike park near Davis Monthan Air force Base? Fantasy Island is for you!

Tucson, Arizona is mountain biking nirvana. Tucson Bike Tours and Rentals delivers and picks up mountain bikes to all Tucson trails. Bike for one hour to a whole day! We will pick up your bikes and leave you with a smile on your face.

All Tucson/Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Trails “At a Glance”

Best Oro Valley/Northwest Tucson Mountain Bike Trails

  • Honeybee Canyon/Rail X Mountain Bike Trails – The pride of  Tucson/Oro Valley. 35 miles of incredible, enduro, scenic trails that is great for mountain bikers of all levels.
  • Tortolita Preserve – Dove Mountain – Great trail system near the Ritz Carlton.
  • Golder Ranch Mountain Bike Trails – This is certainly one of the nicest areas on the 50 year trail to ride. More challenging than Honeybee Canyon.
  • 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo Bike Course – Fun fast course just north of Oro Valley.

Arizona’s Best Mountain Biking – Best Central Tucson Trails

  • Sweetwater Mountain Bike Trails – The greatest trail system in all of Arizona. Sweetwater has a windy, curvy twisty east side that is fun and great for riders of all levels. The west side is much more challenging and technical. This is a must-do trail!
  • Starr Pass Mountain Bike Trails – Another must-do trail! This is much more challenging and technical. Very scenic. Full suspension is in order.
  • Fantasy Island Mountain Bike Trails – This is an incredible mountain bike park in central Tucson right next to the Air Force base. The Valencia side is ideal for beginners. Irvington and Harrison side is more challenging, but do-able.
  • Tucson Mountain Park Bike Trails – Tucson Mountain Park is an enormous area within the Saguaro National Park East that contains trails that will put a smile on absolutely everyone’s face.
  • Brown Mountain Bike Trails – If you like the technical challenge of La Milagrosa on Tucson’s East side, you will love Brown Mountain. The majority of this trail is not for the faint of heart.

Arizona’s Best Mountain Biking – Best Mount Lemmon Trails

  • Meadow Aspen Draw Mountain Bike Trails
  • Bug Springs Mountain Bike Trails
  • Green Mountain Bike Trails
  • Prison Camp to Molino Mountain Bike Trails
  • Arizona Trail – Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead – Most people start here and go north
    or south. North takes you uphill, over some challenging rocks.
  • Arizona Trail – HWY 83 and Sahuarita Road – park your ride here and you can go north, going downhill to Gabe Zimmerman or even all the way out to Pistol Hill. This is a great ride for those of all levels. OR you can go north on the Arizona Trail, going up hill past three cattle gates. Terrific uphill climb ride.
  • Arizona Trail – Pistol Hill to Three Bridges – Big climbing and incredibly scenic.

Southern Arizona’s Best Mountain Biking

  • Lincoln Wilson Single Track Sopori Tubac Trails
  • West Desert Preserve Green Valley Trails
  • Elephant Head/Mount Hopkins  – Green Valley
  • Box Canyon (Madera Canyon) Green Valley

Best Beginner and Family Friendly Mountain Bike Trails

  • Sweetwater Preserve Trails – Tucson – Stay on the east side. Awesome.
  • Honeybee Canyon/Rail X – Oro Valley – Perfectly manicured and developed trail.
  • Fantasy Island Bunny Trail (Valencia Side) Tucson
  • West Desert Preserve – Green Valley – Green Valley’s version of Fantasy Island.

Trails North of Tucson, Arizona

Baby Jesus Trails (3C)

Baby Jesus

The Baby Jesus loop has a very sandy single track climb and the two rugged sections which…
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Cactus Forest to Saguaro Trail

Cactus Forest – Saguaro

There is a big trail system in the Saguaro National Park East. Unfortunately mountain…
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Charouleau Gap Trails

Charouleau Gap

We’re not sure how often this trail is used, and it mainly double-track used by the local…
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 Peppersauce Cave Trails (2-3B)

Peppersauce Cave

As far a exciting single track riding goes, it ain’t gonna happen here. This is…
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 Cherry Tank Trails (3C)

Cherry Tank

This trail starts off as singletrack branching off from the Middle Gate trail…
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 Golder Ranch Trails (1A to 3C)

Golder Ranch

The 50-Year Trail is located north of Tucson in Oro Valley, Arizona at the end of Golder Ranch…
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 Mt Lemmon – Green Mountain Trails (3C through 3D)

Mt Lemmon – Green Mt

reen Mountain is a VERY technical and fun ride up in the cool forest of Mt. Lemmon…
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Mt Lemmon – Bug Springs Trails (3B through 3C)

Mt Lemmon – Bug Springs

Bug Springs is one of the most fun trails Mt. Lemmon has to offer, and has been officially…
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 Tortolita Preserve – Dove Mountain Trails (2B)

Tortolita Preserve

Tortolita Preserve is a 9.9 mile single track loop of sand, some hardpack, and rocks with a couple of semi…
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 Rail X and Honeybee Canyon Trails (2B)

Rail X & Honeybee Canyon

This is another close in, easy ride. It is relatively flat, some jeep trail, dirt road…
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 Willow Springs – Old Pueblo Trails (2B)

Willow Springs – Old Pueblo

Located north of Oracle off of Willow Springs Road, the course for Epic Ride’s Kona…
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 Mt Lemmon – Meadow/Aspen Draw Trails (3C)

Mt Lemmon – Aspen Draw

A wonderful, cool ride, and fun descent, but not incredibly long. Seven miles WITH the steep…
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 Mt Lemmon – AZ Trail – Molino Basin to Italian Trap (3C – 3D)

Mt Lemmon/AZ Trail/Molino Basin – Italian Trap

This section of the Arizona Trail runs from Italian…
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 Mt Lemmon – AZ Trail – Prison Camp to Molino Basin (3B)

Mt Lemmon/AZ Trail/Prison Camp – Molino Basin

Depending which way you’re coming…
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“We were looking for something adventurous and wow! We found it. We did both road biking and a mountain bike tour and my family loved it.”

John Grosh, Denver Colorado

“I took several of my staffers on a fantastic mountain bike experience near the Mexican border. The guides are real pros!”

Doctor James Lunney, Ottawa Canada‏

 Trails West of Tucson, Arizona

Brown Mountain Trails - Tucson Arizona (2B to 3D)

Brown Mountain

When it comes to technical trails, East Tucson has La Milagrosa, and the west side…
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Fantasy Island - Tucson, Arizona (2B)

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island’s main loop, Lone Cactus, has many side loops off of it so you can pick…
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La Milagrosa Trails - Tucson, Arizona (3D)

La Milagrosa Trails

A wonderful, beautiful, technical, dangerous ride in the Santa Catalina Mountains…
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Pistol Hill to Three Bridges Trails - Tucson, Arizona (3B to 3C)

Pistol Hill – Three Bridges

Typically a North to South out-and-back of 24-miles or so starting from Pistol Hill parking…
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Mt Lemmon – Molino Basin to Italian Trap (3C – 3D)

Mt Lemmon/Molino Basin – Italian Trap

This section of the Arizona Trail runs from Italian Trap (on it’s southern end) in the Redington…
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Trails South & Southeast of Tucson, Arizona

Dragoons to East Cochise Stronghold Trails (3B)

Dragoons – East Cochise Stronghold

This ride is located in the Coronado National Forest east of Tucson…
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Dragoons to West Cochise Stronghold Trails (3B)

Dragoons – West Cochise Stronghold

This nice ride is located in the Dragoon Mountains – Coronado National…

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Elephant Head Trails - Tucson, Arizona (3B) – Green Valley

Elephant Head Trails

When it’s not been ridden, Elephant Head can get overgrown quite easily. Thankfully…
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West Desert Trails - Tucson, Arizona (2B to 3B)

West Desert Trails

The West Desert Trails are located on a 2000 acre area to the west of Green Valley…
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IMBA Epic to Gardner Canyon to Kentucky Camp to Keyhole Trails (3B – 3C)

IMBA Epic/Gardner Canyon/Kentucky

If you haven’t ridden in the Southwest desert, be prepared for a different…
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Three Bridges to Lakes Road Trails - Tucson, Arizona (2B – 3B)

Three Bridges – Lakes Rd

Another gorgeous section of the Arizona Trail, this route from Three Bridges at it’s Northern…
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